Construction 2/15/19 (bedroom)Beach area to the left of villaView of shore location of villaView from shore in winterView from the pierShared dockShared dockShared dockRendering of shore side of villa

Construction 2/15/19 (bedroom)Construction 1/15/19Construction 1/15/19Construction 1/15/19View from 2nd floor 12/6/18View of construction/house from beach 12/28/18Constuction pic 11/20/18View of house location from shore

Rendering of side of villa

Stairs to pier

Construction pics coming !Kitchen construction 2/15/19Construction 1/15/19Construction 1/15/19Construction 1/15/1912/15/18 construction pic12/7/18 construction picConstruction pic 11/29/18Beach on Frenchman Bay

Rendering of front/driveway side of villa

View from the pier (Porcupine Islands in the distance)





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